Saguaro National Park

Home of the Saguaro Cactus, and described as “the last great treasure in the continental United States”, high Sonoran Desert is mountainous and surprisingly green. It is everything but barren rocks and shifting sand dunes.

The landscape of Tucson and The Sonoran Desert are two sides of the same coin and a permanent invitation to living life outdoors. It's lively and vital environs not only contribute to Wildcat Pass outdoor living but also have aesthetic values.

Wildcat Pass outdoors offer you an opportunity to challenge your stamina in ways you would never have imagined. The numerous walking and jogging paths meander in every direction. Hiking and biking trails at Wildcat Pass have fluctuating grades which accentuates the natural landscape of Tucson and will get you to burn those calories while exploring the outdoors. These meandering hiking and biking trails at Wildcat Pass stretch a good 100 miles through the Mountain area and the surrounding preserves. As you accomplish this fete, you will notice that the elevation varies from 2000 feet to a lofty 4000 feet at different sections along the trails. To access Tucson Mountain Park next to Wildcat Pass, you will need to use the Richard Genser Starr Pass trailhead which begins near Starr Pass Resort. This is the primary Trailhead.

While you burn calories and clear your senses; you can take in the beautiful and panoramic views of the city and surrounding wilderness from different locations along the trail at Wildcat Pass. Equestrian tracts, for horse lovers, invite you to take a road once travelled many decades ago. You could literally spend weeks discovering the wonders of the high Sonoran Desert and never cover the same ground twice.
The beauty of this is that returning to your favorite trails time and again never loses its thrill. When you Hike at Wildcat Pass, you get to enjoy this weather any time and any day given that the warm and sunny climate of Tucson guarantees this all year round. You really have no reason to stay inactive while living here at Wildcat Pass.

Guest ranches, public stables, private stables and some resorts in Tucson have specialized in horseback riding. Whether you are an amateur or an experienced professional rider, rest assured you will have a good time here. Riding lessons and wrangler-guided trips with trailside meals are also available for beginners and riders of all skill levels.

The Sonoran Desert invites you to the old American West lifestyle on your horseback whether it’s a solo jaunt or a group ride. This is best experienced during sunrise, sunset or under the evening moonlight. Horseback riding is as much a part of Tucson and Southern Arizona as cactus, Wildcat basketball, and sweet, salty, transcendent margaritas.
Tucson is ideal for people who just love to see the world while on two wheels whether you are looking to take on mountain trails or just like an easy laid-back ride. Bicycling Magazine has, in the recent past, ranked Tucson as one of the top cycling cities in the U.S. “Bicycle Index: Most Bike-Friendly Cities by ranked Tucson 7th.

The mild warm and sunny climate of Tucson guarantees any day a perfect time for riding or cycling.